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Learning from the Legends presents world-renowned trumpet virtuoso Rolf Smedvig teaching Hummel's Trumpet Concerto.

Aspiring trumpet players can take their playing to the next level with this essential repertoire. Smedvig provides complete, detailed lessons on all three movements. Have your very own private lesson with one of the world’s greatest virtuoso performers, right from your screen. You will learn advanced techniques and special tricks used by top performers use to captivate and amaze their audiences.

Watch and learn as Smedvig breaks down each movement, measure by measure, and explains his unique perspective and approach to this enchanting piece of music.

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DVD Bonus Features

  • Includes a special edition of the Hummel Trumpet Concerto
  • Trumpet parts edited by Rolf Smedvig
  • Includes both Eb and Bb solo trumpet parts with piano accompaniment
  • Piano Accompaniment Play-Along Track
  • Rolf Smedvig’s Practice Philosophy
  • Equipment Selection

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Sample Lesson Chapter

Sample Piano Accompaniment

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